Anti-ligature: What does it mean exactly?

We will define the term best anti ligature by first dropping the “anti”. To bind tightly or tie things together, a ligature can be used. It is anti-ligature that prevents this tying.

The purpose of anti-ligature devices is to protect vulnerable people against self-harm or accidental injury. This type of product is used by hospitals, mental-health facilities, police cells, prisons or other similar institutions. These products include not just luminaires, they also cover the whole interior design. This includes the layout and design of each room as well as the different items inside.

The presence of any ligature-risk points in a space can cause a risk. These could include cords, shoelaces, and other materials that could serve as a point of attachment for ropes, cords, or shoelaces. Doors, hooks handles and window frames are all common attachment points.

The three main types of anti ligature measures are: the load-release, fixed anti ligature devices as well as solutions classified under weapon deterrents.

They are engineered to loosen, release or even come off their fixation point if they receive excessive force. Some products are made of more than one piece, and the first part may give way or break under heavy weight.

Anti-ligature fixed products are stronger and more physically constructed to avoid their being used as an anchoring point. They are typically designed with curved edge and tamperproof entry points, which can be picked apart only by specially made tools.

Weapon deterrents solutions are created in such a fashion that they cannot be disassembled or broken apart by any person to be used against themselves or another.

Light saves Lives

Prisons and psychiatric hospital suicide rates are several times greater than any other place. Hanging is the method most often used in prisons, and also one of most popular suicide methods in Britain. 59% of men and 45% women use it. Every year in the United States, approximately 800,000 individuals commit suicide. That’s one person every forty seconds. Anti-ligature-classified products are one of the ways to prevent suicides in buildings where they are mounted.

In order to counteract self-harm and be considered safe in these environments, the anti-ligature lighting needs to meet certain requirements. The luminaire design must include curved, smooth surfaces. For luminaires, it is important to have a high mechanical impact resistance, at least IK10 so that they are capable of withstanding a 20-joule direct impact. These luminaires should be firmly attached to the ceiling/wall with no visible gaps, protruding parts or edges that might be used for ligatures. The luminaires must also be designed in a way that makes it difficult to break them down or pry the open. Always fill surfaces that are positioned along the ceiling or wall with concrete silicon or anti-pick mastic.

Anti-ligature Lighting is designed to offer the best possible visual comfort. By achieving a more relaxed environment through the use of appropriate color temperatures, individuals can feel less anxious and at home in psychiatric facilities. BBLs (Blue Blocking Lights) and daylight areas have been shown to be effective in improving people’s sleeping and circadian patterns. These improvements are also beneficial for their mental wellbeing. According to research, patients with manic or depressive symptoms can experience less symptoms when they are exposed to certain types of light.

The presence of a sensor and a set minimum can ensure the safety and comfort in an environment with people who may be vulnerable. For reliability and efficiency, energy-saving options and maintenance warnings are essential.

If you need to use anti-ligature solutions in your facility, then custom lighting options can include luminaires fitted with circular optics. Other possibilities are recessed mounting on the wall or special ceiling mounts. With the help of intelligent lighting control systems you can achieve optimal color temperatures and correct levels of light throughout the entire day.

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