Why Plastic Surgery Can Be Bad for You

Plastic surgery services have great success and many people are happy with the outcome. South Florida cosmetic surgeons can offer many different services. Many people end up satisfied, whether they had breast implants or liposuction. However, some people make major mistakes with disastrous results. Here are some important things to remember:

1. Investigate your plastic surgeon. You should ask your South Florida doctor questions but you also need to ensure that he or she is certified through the American Board of Plastic Surgery. ABPS Members must uphold and meet very stringent standards. Statistics show that surgeries done by ABPS are less prone than those performed elsewhere. Discuss with the potential South Florida surgeons not only what it is you wish to achieve, but their experience, education, certification, as well as success stories. They will usually be happy to answer your questions, unless something is hidden.

2. Be ready to adapt. To maintain the result of any South Florida plastic surgery, including a breast lift, it is important to have a healthy eating and living lifestyle.

3. Be realistic. Plastic surgery will improve your looks, but may not make you look as good as a Hollywood celebrity or model. Few years ago two teenagers underwent plastic surgery to resemble Brad Pitt. It was a failure. Instead of trying to imitate someone else, we each have our unique features that should be adapted and used to.

4. Do not be unrealistic. You can improve your physical appearance and stay in shape by exercising and eating healthy. It is not possible to prevent weight gain after liposuction or tummy tightening.

5. Do your research. You should seriously think about the long term effects before deciding to undergo plastic surgery. It’s not a good idea to act on impulse. Prepare to talk about your options with a South Florida surgeon.

6. Avoid hiding anything about your medical history from your South Florida doctor for fear that the surgeon will not allow you to have surgery. The failure to disclose any possible risks can lead to complications after surgery for which only you will be responsible.

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